1952 MG TD

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This car came to us for body panel fitting, prep and paint. The car was returned to the owner to complete the restoration. We are happy to work with customers who like to do as much of the work themselves as they can.
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This car was a project in progress when it came to us for bodywork and paint.
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The body had been removed for restoration and we begin to notice that some of the panels had been previously altered.
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Some of the panels won't fit -- we realize that some are from different cars. These cars were just about hand built, and panels aren't easily interchangeable. Very few of the body panels that came with this project match up, so there is a lot of work to make sure we have a good fit before we continue.
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The running boards were short and needed to be lengthened for correct fit and gap. Sounds easy, but great care needs to be taken to make sure it is perfect.
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Since we are working on a car with the front end and engine still installed, everything gets carefully protected before the tub gets primered.
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All the panels are back from the paint shop, and installed on the car. Looking pretty!