This is a rare veteran of the Sebring International Raceway in Florida, and is one of only 10 known surviving MGA coupes prepared at the factory in England for racing. Note the right-hand drive.

Many people had have a hand in bringing this car back just in time for it to make an appearance in a special Sebring MGA class at the renowned Amelia Island Concours d‘Elegane in 2012, and we at K&T Vintage Sports Cars are proud to have had a role in its reconstruction.

Amelia Award – Second Place – 2012 Amelia Island Concours d‘Elegance | Amelia Island, Jacksonville, Fla.
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The owner of this car, an experienced shop owner himself, came to us needing an expert touch in the reconstruction of the nose and repair of rust on this historic racing coupe. The body arrived on its restored chassis. The nose was banged up and battered and there was rust on the cowl, heater shelf, rockers and sills. The objective was to save as much of the original sheet metal as possible, making the reconstruction much more difficult.
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In the late 1960s the car had been the subject of at least two previous attempts to repair the nose. The work was badly bodged, and the current owner had started the disassembly. This is how the car arrived.
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The initial work involved installing a new old-stock radiator panel and working the inner fender to its correct shape. Careful alignment of those parts to a known straight bonnet allowed the work to begin of reinstalling the factory-modified cowl piece.
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Further work involved repairs to the cowl and heater shelf, all areas originally modified by the race department at the MG factory in Abingdon.
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The left side door post was rebuilt using the original inside parts, mated to the shell of a new replacement door post.
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The two-piece valance support was fabricated by K&T. Sometimes fabricating parts to the original specifications is required, since replacement parts just don't exist, or are of imperfect quality.
Another look at #53 on the field at Amelia Island in 2012. Eight of the 10 known surviving Sebring MGAs were on the field for a special class honoring these cars.