1967 Austin FX4 English Taxi

1929 Nash Special Six Coupe
We were pleased to have this iconic British “survivor” in our shop — An English taxi in need of some K&T tender loving care to get back on the road. This cab retained all the signs of its former life as a hard-working transport in England, with original paint and components all throughout. This is a massive car, built to last, and last it has. It hadn't started in a while, though, so we had to bring the diesel engine back to life and determine what else it needs to be safely driven again. Note the roof-mounted turn indicators (just over the passenger door) — these are known as "bunny ears."
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View from the back, including its U.K. license plate. They made about 75,000 of this model cab (the Austin FX4) from 1958 to 1997. Probably the most famous of all London taxi models, and basically unchanged through all those years.
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The original paint is cracking and peeling and then some on this vintage English taxicab. But we think even the underlying surface rust is beautiful, with its patterns of gold.
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A look at the 2178cc Austin diesel engine. We've got it to turn over ... now we just need to keep it going!
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Other side of the 2178cc Austin diesel engine.

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Not a lot of luxury for the cabbie. The taxi is right-hand drive, of course, with just a single seat for the driver.
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Quite a luxurious interior for passengers. (Driver's compartment is to the left in photo.) The big bench seat at right can comfortably seat three; at left are two fold-down "jump" seats for additional fares.
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A label on the dash cautions the driver — "New Engine Fitted: Keep Revs Down, Maximum Speed 30 m.p.h." "Report any Defects."
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Got to love the touch of British sensibility here in the "Sit Well Back" instructions. Also the complete Fare Table — minimum fare was 30p, with additional charges for luggage on the roof, animals, or trips at night, on week-ends, or on public holidays.
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The famous Taximeter — the device which gave "taxi"s their name. (Invented by a German guy, Baron von Turn und Taxis. We kid you not).
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