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K&T Vintage Sports Cars offers some unique products and special services for your classic car:

Tire Truing/Wire Wheel BalancingTransport ServicesMG TC & TD Bonnet BracketsPennGrade 1 (Brad Penn) OilsStar TronZDDPlusNotary ServicePre-Purchase Inspection

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New Tires/Tire Truing/Wheel Balancing

Still have a shaky front end after balancing tires on your wire wheels? You can’t balance a wheel that is untrue. We can provide dynamic balancing, which is done after the tire has been trued to the hub, to correct or compensate for any wheel wobble.


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Transport Service

We have two 20-foot enclosed trailers with electric winches, and can safely pick up your car when it needs to come into the shop, and deliver it back to you when it’s done.

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MG TC/MG TD Bonnet Brackets

We came up with these at the request of a customer during the restoration of his 1950 MG T.D. Our custom fabricated brackets attached to the radiator stay bars, using existing bolts. The brackets are bent at the proper angle to accept the rubber corner buffers of the side panels. Powder coated for long life. A great solution to the problem of how to keep your bonnet panels open at shows or for maintenance, and easily removed for concours situations.

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PennGrade 1 ® Oils

We are a distributor for high-performance PennGrade 1 oils (formerly Brad Penn), refined in Bradford, Pa., from 100% Pennsylvania grade crude oil. The unique green color and outstanding performance of these oils set them apart from the competition.

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Star Tron ® Ethanol Fuel Additive

We are a distributor for Star Tron®, an enzyme fuel additive that addresses issues caused by ethanol in gasoline. According to the manufacturer, Star Tron® breaks down debris and reduces excessive water, stabilizes ethanol fuels and increases performance. Add 1 fl. oz. for every 6 gallons of gas. One 8 oz. bottle treats 48 gallons of gas.

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ZDDPlus™ Oil Additive

We are a distributor for ZDDPlus™, a product which restores vital zinc and phosphorus to oil used in your high-performance classic car. If your engine was designed before 1990, the non-roller lifters require ZDDP (zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate) in the motor oil to avoid premature deterioration. Unfortunately for classic car owners, the Environmental Protection Agency has ordered the removal of this component from domestic motor oils. Don’t let the lifters run metal to metal – Add a 4-oz. bottle of ZDDPlus™ to every 4- to 5-quart oil change.

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Notary and Title Work

We have a notary on staff, and are pleased to facilitate your title work and help you register your car in Pennsylvania with standard, vintage (old original plates that match the year of your car), or classic or antique classification plates.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection Service

Thinking of buying a British classic? Don't make a purchase without having it thoroughly inspected for potential problem areas. We can give your prospective car a thorough inspection and tell you what we think it needs.

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