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1958 Austin-Healey 100-6
This Austin-Healey — which had been parked for many years — is being brought back to life at K&T Vintage.

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Giving it a good washing is the first step after unloading it from the transport truck, so we can see what we’re dealing with. Looks better already! The cockpit, at first glance, isn’t too bad, other than the carpet.
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We’ve seen worse … but with the seats, carpet and interior panels removed, a not unexpected amount of rust. At left, it seems the floor pans and transmission tunnel may have been previously replaced. And at right, more evidence that the car used to be Healey blue.
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A look at the underside of the car, which is none too pretty, showing evidence of its previous life as a blue car.

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It’s hardly recognizable as a car in this shot, with the engine, front end and outer body panels removed.
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We think some this wiring might need to be redone … Wires spliced together by twisting and taping are just asking for trouble.