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We hope for the best whenever a car comes in for a full restoration job. This Healey, once stripped down, showed a formidable task ahead. But when a client says "save her," we're happy to bring another bit of British history back from the brink.
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The beginning of a long journey. Assessing the rust situation tells us that there is some work to be done. To be honest, we found it difficult to find a panel on this car that didn't need to be replaced.
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When taking a car apart, we often find problems resulting from a previous, improper repair. This, for instance, is not the right way to replace a rocker panel and sill.
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Thorough inspections are the order of the day on a car with this many issues. All rusted and worn areas have to be sought out and dealt with. Just one of the things we warn owners about before diving in to the total restoration process. There is a lot of time – and money – involved in bringing back a car with a frame this far gone.
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Sometimes taking the project outside in the sun helps shed light on what needs to be done. Here the frame rests on a rotisserie, prepped for some additional metal work.
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Grinding, sanding, cutting – The preparation of this frame is very important for the great results later on.
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At this point the metal will be cleaned in preparation for repair and prime. Some parts have already have started to be replaced and this process will continue until we can't see any more rust and the metal is ready for a primer coat.
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Trunk lid support pieces had to be removed due to their rusty nature. As you can see, some pieces are just too far gone to be repaired. Replacement parts are either purchased or – as often is the case – fabricated in our shop.
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Here is the trunk lid with a newly fabricated skin and inner frame. A perfect fit, too. Attention to detail and the ability to fabricate these pieces make K&T Vintage a premier sports car restoration company.
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Finished metalwork on the rear right quarter panel. The extent of rust damage in this section required a whole new quarter panel to be fabricated and new flanges welded.
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Right rear quarter panel after fabricating and welding in newly fabricated flanges.
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